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Annual BABI Village Leadership Awards

A free formal Virtual community tea/dinner

honoring our village members for their dedicated service to our community.

Let us celebrate our Village for having amazing members who are always dedicating themselves in service to
others. Together we can overcome all odds. Together we celebrate each of our 2023 BABI Village Leadership Awards
recipients. Text: (334) 707-3782,


The Jessup Wagon Food Pantry

We’re invested in helping our communities members across Tuskegee and Macon County thrive. That’s why we’re committing to serving and sharing information and food to everyone. 

Building families in the community is revitalizing all citizens.  

We look forward to learning more about your home and your needs.



BABI is a non profit organization dedicated to establishing improvement in health and population outcomes throughout the minority populations of African-Americans, Blacks and all minority populations.

BABI's founding goal was to effect positive change for young women and girls by providing them with the mental, physical, and spiritual resources they need while promoting healthy lifestyle choices. BABI's services have now expanded to focus on supportive cultural Community needs. Educational Programs: MHFA-Mental Health Aid First, Drug Prevention Education, Arts and Music programs,  Health Advocacy, Health Promotion, Food Pantry, are some of the programs which assist BABI in building capacity for a higher quality of life for it's citizens. BABI is on the move with Collaborative efforts. With the appropriate access BABI is moving forward to continue  to effect each community it serves with positive outcomes for minorities and the larger community.

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